• Jumpstart your Internet Strategy

  • Does your website move your business toward future goals - or is it trapped in a past internet age? Web advances such as social media, web applications, and mobile devices require an active, integrated approach. Our thorough program includes illuminating research, relentless customer focus, strategic planning and tool creation. We will electrify the interaction between your business and the online world.

  • Focus on Knowledge

  • We help you get a handle on the facts surrounding your business and the internet. How do people find your website? What are they looking for when they get there? Our information-gathering process helps you view your internet offerings through the eyes of the people that rely on them the most - your customers and the employees that work with them.
  • Focus on the Customer

  • When customers come to your website, what problem are they trying to solve? We believe that strong companies help their customers to be more successful, and that powerful internet strategies are no different. Our research process - including direct customer interviews where appropriate - creates a valuable storehouse of customer knowledge that will improve your internet efforts for years to come.
  • Focus on Strategy

  • You may have a website or a Facebook page, but do you have a plan? We set the course toward your business goals with a detailed online strategy. The best tools for the job are matched the most effective, efficient methods that will maximize the impact of your resources.
  • Focus on Action

  • We take your strategy from planning to reality. Website development, custom web applications, social media platforms, search engine optimization and more are at our disposal. Our methods leverage the latest in technology with years of hand-on, practical knowledge to create tools that get the job done.
  • About JumpStart Focus

  • JumpStart Focus exists to help our clients succeed on the internet. Working closely on the web and marketing efforts of our customers has allowed us to become a trusted member of their team, bringing web expertise and and years of experience in many different industries into their business. Colorado Springs is our home base as we work with long-time local clients as well as clients all around the country.

    Brian Perry / Owner
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